Ahmed Hassan is a skilled FX artist and Technical Director. He has over 10 years of experience in the fields of feature film, commercials and broadcast, game cinematics, and architectural visualization. His skill-set encompasses fluid simulation, particle systems, cloth and rigid body dynamics, procedural modeling, lighting, shading, compositing, and painting. He is able to collaborate all of that creatively with solid technical skills combined with a great working attitude.

His artistry and technical abilities together create the highest quality digital effects in the shortest possible time. He is a problem solver, no matter what the task is, he will come up with the simplest methodology to get the job done. He quickly masters and, in many cases, improves FX setups that are meant to be implemented in different shots.


  • 24Feb-13
    Showreel 2013 is up on Vimeo and Youtube.
  • 18Jan-13
    Finishing up on WOZ. It was a great run. It will be a fun movie I presume. I think it looks amazing. I can't wait to watch it.
  • 5Jan-13
    I was judging for VES awards nominations. I had to decline judging on several categories as I worked on Spider-Man which was in most categories.
  • 16Nov-12
    I am now a member of VES.
  • 16July-12
    Started on WOZ (Oz; The Great and Powerful) at Imageworks.
  • 18May-12
    Today is the last day on Spidy. It was tough. I am taking a long vacation. :)
  • 5Dec-11
    I started working on The Amazing Spider Man at Sony Pictures Imageworks. I am so excited to work on this movie with some of my old colleague and friends. It seems that I have come in a crunch time though.
  • 5Oct-11
    Making page is now open. 2012 - Creating dust for collapsing houses is the first to be demonstrated. Please check it out and give me feedback.
  • 28Sep-11
    ahmed-vfx is launched with a new look. Check out Videos, Photography, Bio, and CG Dictionary. CG Dictionary is intended to translate English terms used in the CG industry to Arabic. It is being launched with 20 terms. It will be growing everyday.
  • 10Sep-11
    I finished my 2011 showreel. It doesn't have shots from Green Lantern yet, as the movie hasn't come out on DVD or Blu-ray. In this reel there are 4 chapters, each chapter represents a skill set, Particles and dynamics, Volumetric fluids, Liquid fluids, and Lighting and general.
  • 10Jul-11
    I started working on a short movie for Amar Ya Masr. Amar Ya Masr is an Egyptian NGO started 2011, intended to contribute to the development of Egypt. I am basically supervising the CG part of the show. As an artist, I am doing some FX and general VFX work. I also participated in shooting the green screen part of it. The movie is taking a long time since there are not many artists working with me. I think it's going to look great.